How a sure win prediction site promotes its services?

A sure win prediction site has to rely on digital marketing to attract the attention of targeted customers that are bettors. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that marketing has a say in the overall performance of a tips website.

If you are looking for a reliable football punter, you will have to go through a long list of tips websites. There are many tipsters but the presence of many options is quite overwhelming. Availability of many tips websites and offers from these sites could be confusing if you don’t know how to find a reliable tipper.

Let’s see how tipsters attract the attention of bettors

1. Numbers

They use numbers like 10-year experience and 100% success. They want to attract the attention of the bettors with numbers. If you start making a list of leading and upcoming tippers, you will find that all the deserving websites are trying to inch ahead than others in numbers. For example, a site that is relatively new in the tips business would focus more on its winning rate than on experience.

2. Power words

The prediction sites use power words that strike in mind to look more reliable than others. For example, success is a power word that encourages viewers to rely on the content. Similarly, guarantee is a power word that easily attracts the attention of the viewers. These words are frequently used in advertising and messaging.

3. Comparison

Some tipsters go to the extent of comparing their services with others to show how reliable they are. For example, a tipper can compare his charges with others to prove that he is more affordable. Similarly, track record and guarantee can be compared to build reliability.

4. Votes

A positive review is a vote for a tipster and a tipper with maximum positive feedback looks more reliable than others. Tips websites encourage users to write reviews but some tippers hire marketing professionals to generate feedback. Reviews are posted on prediction sites and social media.

5. Inside connections

Every tipper claims to have business relations with bookies but it isn’t true. It is only a handful of tipsters that are former bookies that can make such claims. When a bookmaker turns a tipster, he can use his business association with the betting syndicates for his benefit but it is very difficult to verify the claim of inside relations with bookmakers.

The first and the most important thing to remember about soccer 13 fixtures predictions is that no tipster can claim 100% success and the winning rate of tipsters keeps fluctuating. The second thing is that the websites make many claims to win the confidence of bettors. You have to be very careful with your selection of tipsters.

A sure win prediction site can make you a winner. It is a guarantee that you will get maximum return on your investment. It can become your betting partner at a very affordable investment. You can also say that a very small investment in soccer tips would increase your pleasure to the manifold.  

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